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Charlotte Doms


on unique partner locations in Belgium , Paris , Milan ,  & Uruguay

Date of Birth - Expression:

. . . -  2024 - . . .

Date of Thought:

an ungoing need , disorder not leaving me




a protest against space taken up 

space - & travel - friendly way of living

A Bit About Me

naturally art came 

as a baby mum says I was strolled into art galleries in Knokke 

dad was art art art

at school teachers told as a child I was different , more sensitive , observative 

time spent with my dad at 18 finally was all and only about movies and visuel art , his passion , his collects

my own life later in Milano added to see broader , unlimited actually , real beauty , real new meetings , out of what I knew , I changed 

even more cause life got more complicated , much more ,  growing up more 

give me some air 

my art started to be born  . . . 

space started to be mine  . . .

it was no choice but it was

Paris re opened the need to talk 


silently but saying it 

you may listen soon 

Where is my baby now ...

january 2024

june 2024

october 2024

Launch - Location to be confirmed

Coming Soon

Coming soon

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