INSTINCTIVE FUSION was simply born through a natural synthesis of the active sensory perceptions of the three guest women of the house, each with expertise in a diverse range of interlinked disciplines to the benefit of our clients.


Vision, touch, taste, smell and hearing daily trigger our instincts and lifestyles, and this in conjunction with a constant search for a unique refined beauty in its original and purest sense.


We are discerning, and as such we wish to progressively transmit this natural and whole experience to you at Harmony Style by fusing all of these sensory encounters adding treasures along the way.


Through elaborate market knowledge, travel and a healthy dose of basis instinct we edit out, at home and abroad, and aim to offer a unique limited blend of brands and treasures at Harmony Style and this in a relaxed non-urban environment where no traffic jam, parking issues or city stress will bug you whilst shopping in all privacy Sundays, on appointment or during our special happenings.


Today we agree that one "Art", one "Health" and one "Knowledge" are our three focus points, as these conclude and control our lives through what we lived past, live present and will live future!


We grow, and by growing we FUSE and collaborate more, for example we collaborate on time-to-time happenings with "Coworking Les Galeries", a boutique coworking venue in the historical Brussels monument the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert with splendid view inside this monument... or we FUSE our eye potential and public with an artist we believe will grow...!